Biggest BooBoo to Date

Yesterday morning, I was working from home. The phone rang and it was Rachel. She sounded concerned and was very short with her words “Max fell at my Mom’s house. Need you to go check him out”. So I ran and got Max a Slurpee and headed over to Nana’s house. When I got there, Max was laying in Nana’s arms, sobbing with his pacifier in his mouth. His eye was swollen, and he had about a 1 1/2 inch cut on the bottom of his eye lid.

We called the doctor’s office and the nurse asked if he could move his eye around and if the bleeding had stopped. I put my finger up and Max was able to follow it around. The bleeding had stopped for the most part, so we figured things were ok. We made an appointment with his pediatrician to be safe.

Doctor checked him out and said the eye looked ok. She pointed out that some of his eyelashes had been ripped out, which we also noticed. She said the lashes SHOULD grow back, but there were no guarantee. Luckily he didn’t need any stitches, and he handled everything like a trooper. The nurse came in and cleaned his wound with sterile water and a syringe.