Growing Up…

On Saturday, we headed down to see Ingrid and David and their three kids. Max is normally shy around kids he doesn’t know, and as expected, when we arrived, he clung to Rachel and I a bit. Conner was very talkative and friendly and showed Max around. By the time we left Ingrid and David’s house to head the Independence Day Celebration, Max and Connor was chatting.

We took a shuttle over from the local high school to the field where the festivities were located. The shuttle was a school bus, which Max thought was great. The window in front of him was open so he loved the wind in his face. When we arrived, the first thing we went to was the pony ride. We tried to get Max to ride a pony last fall, but he wanted no part of it. As we walked up, we asked Max if he wanted to ride the pony and he said yes. We figured as we got closer he would change his mind. We got to the front of the line and Connor hopped up on the pony. Next it was Max’s turn. We were pleasantly surprised that he jumped right on and seemed to love it. He gripped the horn of the saddle with two hands like the guy told him and off he went. Rachel and I looked at each other in amazement.

Next we headed over to one of the moonbounce houses. Something else Max wanted no part of last year. The moonbounce we first went to was like a giant slide. There was a steep climb to get to the top, and wasn’t sure if Max could do it himself. I followed up behind him and he climbed to the top by himself. A few slips, but he made it. Then we slid down together. When we got to the bottom, before I could ask Max if that was fun, he was running after Robert and Connon to go back up and do the slide again.

Afterwards Rachel and I talked about now much Max has changed in just a few months. Im sure part of it is him being older and part of it is seeing Robert and Connor doing things. He gets the same way when is around Andrew and Ashley. He doesn’t want to be excluded, so he tries to do everything the older kids do. One last note, when we were walking between rides, we noticed Max was holding Robert’s hand. A very cute moment. Eventually Connor started pulling his hand away, so I took Max aside and told him that Robert didn’t want to hold his hand anymore. He seemed to be ok with that.

So great to see Max grow up and experience new things for the first time.