Cause I’m a Cowboy, Baby!

This video is actually from 4th of July weekend. Meant to upload it sooner, and it slipped my mind. Better late than never, I guess. This weekend we are taking Max to “Fall for Fairfax”. We went last year and Max loved it. He got to stuff a scarecrow, paint a pumpkin, watch a kid oriented concert, and he got to meet local weatherman Topper Shutt. They had pony rides last year when we went. We tried to get Max to ride and he was ok with it, till we got up close and he saw how big the horse was. We were pleasantly surprised that he actually rode the pony over the summer. Hoping that they have pony rides again at “Fall for Fairfax” so he can go for another ride.


Had a bit of a rough weekend. Wasn’t feeling well due to a unsettled stomach, which made me feel weak. The rainy/foggy weather didn’t help much either. I also haven’t been sleeping very well at night, which doesn’t help. I’ve fallen into this weird pattern where I’ve only been getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep at night. Im working on about 3 hours of sleep last night. Unfortunately I fall into a deep sleep right around 5AM, and then my alarm goes off at 6AM, and all I want to do is stay in bed and sleep. Almost blew off a meeting today at work so I could sleep in, but decided in these uncertain financial times, I better get my butt to work.

So over the weekend, despite Rachel’s nice gesture to let me sleep in both mornings, I didn’t get much sleep. Friday night I could barely keep my eyes open. Max was sitting on my lap watching a movie and drinking his milk before bed, and I felt myself nodding off. So once he went to bed, I went up to bed as well. I slept like a log from 9-11, and then I found myself wide awake. I went downstairs and watching a replay of an old Nirvana concert from Halloween of 1991. Then I watched some DVR’s stuff, then I did some movie editing, and before I knew it, it was almost 4AM. I finally fell asleep around 6:00, and slept in till about 9:00. I had to drag myself out of bed, at that point I was so comfortable that I felt like I could have slept all day. Saturday was when my stomach problems kicked in. It resulted in me feeling very “washed out” and weak. I just didn’t feel myself. So as a result I was very short tempered with him, and with Rachel. Not like I was screaming and throwing things, but I was very dismissive of them, and just felt like curling up to be alone. Ran a few errands Saturday evening and felt pretty good, but once we got home and I sat on the couch, I fell back into that leave me alone, let me sleep on the couch feeling.

Sunday, Rachel went out with her mom and Max. I used that time to do some stuff around the house. Stomach still wasn’t feeling great, so I spent a good chunk of the day on the couch again. Didn’t spend a lot of time with Max, and felt like all I did was say no to him all weekend. Skipped my Sunday night run because I still felt so weak. Rachel put Max to bed, I showered and went back into couch mode.

Monday, I had a scheduled day off from work to play in a golf tournament with Rachel’s dad and brother Jonathan. Still wasn’t feeling great. Stomach still felt really unsettled and I was secretly hoping that the skies would open and the event would be rained out so I could just relax. No such luck, so I got dressed, threw my clubs in the car and took Max over to Nana’s house. Played golf, not well, still feeling weak. Only got about 3 hours of sleep, which didnt help. Fortunately when we got back from golfing, things were better between Max and I. He was excited to see me pick him up, and told me about his day at school. This week they are learning the letter F, and he was excited because they got to eat French Fries. After dinner, we went outside and played. Played a little football, watered the plants (not that they needed any more water), played a little baseball. Rode bikes around the corner (to track down the source of the delicious BBQ smell), and had a lot of fun doing so. Around 7 when the sun began to set, we went in and danced to Boom Boom Pow and John Fogherty music. Max was laughing hysterically and looked like he was having so much fun. Then Rachel gave him a shower. I got him dressed for bed, we watched an episode of Good Luck Charlie, and played some games on the iPad. We had some good laughs, he gave me some strong hugs and then he was off to bed. I took that time to go for a 2 mile run, which was a struggle. Because I was tired from gold, weak and it was so damn humid. But I finished 2 miles. I figured since I was up early, played 18 holes of golf, ran after Max and then did a 2 mile run, I would sleep like a baby. Well I did, for about 3 hours. After the Redskins-Cowboys game, I fell asleep and slept well till about 3AM. Then I spent the next hour trying to fall back to sleep. Ended up getting up around 4AM, checked on Max, then went down to watch SNL premier on the Tivo.

Feel bad about ignoring Max and Rachel all weekend, but still not feeling 100%. Have another scheduled maintenance tonight from midnight till around 3AM. Hoping I can start feeling better and get this stomach big figured out. Hoping that Max and I can pick up where we left off and have more fun times tonight.

Little Lumberjack

We decided that we don’t like the tree we have in the back yard. It was planted there by the builders when the house was built back in 2000/2001. We may replace it with a small tree, but I kind of like the idea of just taking it out so Max has more room to run and play. So anyway, last Monday, I decided we had talked about it enough, and it was finally time to take action. I sawed off one of about 5 large branches that extend from the center of the tree. When I did so, Max thought it was really cool and was by my side helping the entire time.

He put on my work gloves and he was snapping twigs, sawing small pieces of wood and using the sheers to lop off the larger pieces. He even went into the garage and wheeled the large trash can into the yard for me, so we could clean up the mess.

We stayed busy, so I didn’t run into the house to get a camera. Well fast forward to this Monday and I decided to saw off branch 2 of 5 from the aforementioned tree. This time, in addition to the work gloves, saws and sheers, I brought the camera out. I asked Max if he wanted to help. He said sure. Then he turned to Rachel and said “Mommy you stay in the house, and in a little while, bring us some drinks”. Armed with my camera, I snapped pictures of Max has he sawed, carried and rolled on the branches we were cutting off. He even found some acorns. What is so great, is that normally I would dread work like this, but with Max by my side, it makes it that much more enjoyable. Pictures of the fun are below:

Really hot legs?

The other night when Rachel and I went to bed, Rachel was freezing. I wasn’t tired and got up for a bit. When I came back to bed, Rachel had one leg out from under the covers, so I turned on the ceiling fan. The next morning when we were eating breakfast, Rachel asked why I turned on the fan. So I told her about how she was laying with one leg out from under the cover. Then I mentioned that when I checked on Max before I came to bed, I turned off the fan in his room because he had his blanket up over his head. Then of course, Max had to jump in the conversation and he said “Last night when I was sleeping, I had really hot legs”.

Fall Fun

Ok technically it’s still summer, but the temperatures really dipped here last night. It was 49 degrees when I drove into work this morning. Warmed up into the mid 60’s during the day and it was a pleasant evening. After dinner Max asked if we could go outside. So I put on the new jacket we bought for him at OshKosh, put on his sneakers and headed outside.

When we were getting our jackets on, he said he wanted to ride bikes. When we got outside he wanted to play football. So he got his little Nerf football from the garage and we tossed it around a bit. Then we started playing the chase game where he would pick up the football and run with it. It took all of about 2 minutes of being outside before Max was rolling around in the grass. So I guess his new jacket will be his “play jacket”. He took a couple of spills and got some grass and dirt on his new jeans that he wore to school, so I guess we’ll have to designate these as outside pants and get him a new pair for school. Rachel likes this particular pair because it has an elastic waist and he can pull the pants up and down when he has to use the bathroom.

After we were both out of breathe from playing the chase game, Max asked if we could play baseball. All summer he didn’t show much interest in baseball. Occasionally when we went into his old room, he would get out this little mini bat and try to hit the ball. But he hadn’t used the tee ball set we got him in months.  A few weeks back, Max found this carrot bat that he had received as a gift for Easter. It’s a baseball bat shaped like a carrot. He liked when I would toss the ball in and pitch to him instead of hitting off a tee. He’s progressed to a bigger bat and we had to stop playing in the house because he was hitting the ball so hard he was knocking things down.

I’m pretty excited he is showing interest in baseball. I hope we can find a tee ball league for him in the spring, I think he will really like it. Tonight we got out his oversized bat and ball set. He swung and miss the first few, but then he smashed one right back at me. I could hear the ball zip past my ear. Then he hit a line drive that narrowly missed the kitchen window. A few pitches later, he hit the shot of the night. A deep fly ball that reached the front port on the fly. His hand eye coordination is getting really good. I need to get out the tripod and video Max hitting some balls. At one point a couple who was walking their dog walked by across the street and they stopped to watch Max hit. They got to see him hit a few nice line drives.

Next it was on to soccer. The three of us kicked the ball around for about 20 minutes. Then at the end when Max was tired of kicking the ball, he asked me to kick the ball straight up so he could try to catch it. He never catches the ball, but he loves watching me punt the ball in the air.

Finally, he asked if he could get out his bike. We rode up the hill,  around the corner, and then turned back. Max scares me on the downhills because he goes so fast. I feel like he is one bump or slip from flying off the bike. Luckily tonight he braked about halfway down the hill and stayed in pretty good control.

It was starting to get dark, so we headed inside so Max could unwind before bed. We just about got our shoes and jackets off when I got a text message from Jennifer to come outside. So we put our jackets and shoes back on and headed outside. A few minutes later, Jen came by on her birthday present, a new Harley Davidson Sportster. Hoping her and Jonathan stay safe as they ride around on their motorcycles.

All in all a fun filled evening. Now to think of thing to do over the weekend…