A few random stories…

A few random things that happened me over the weekend I wanted to mention…

Rachel’s Dad was playing with Max. He asked Max what his name was and Max gave his first and last name. Then he asked Max what his middle name was. Max kept saying his last name. So then he said to Max, :”No, not your last name, your middle name”. Max thought for a second, and replied “Bubba”. Bubba is a nickname Rachel and I had for Max when he was younger. I don’t really call him Bubba much anymore, but Rachel does from time to time. Gave us all a good chuckle.

On Friday, they had some Halloween festivities for the kids up at my office. Rachel’s mom was nice enough to drive Max out to my work after he got out of school. It was great having Max here with me at work. He got to wear his costume for a bit (luckily he didn’t spill anything on it), got some candy, did a couple of crafts, watched a bit of Spooky Buddies, and then we went up to my cube. I think the bathroom and my cube were the two highlights for Max. He thought the lights turning on by themselves and the self flushing toilets were the best. I also got a kick at watching him try to get soap from the automatic dispenser in the bathroom. He would put his hand in front and it seemed like every time he pulled his hand away, the dispenser would shoot the soap out. Eventually he figured things out.

Back in my cube, he loved drawing on the white board, and typing on my computer. I have a desktop and my laptop. I seldom use my desktop, so I let Max type away on it. Max then instructed me “Daddy, you type on your computer, and I’ll type on mine”. Then he found my stash of Sharpies in my desk and he drew some pictures, did some cutting and pasting with the scissors and a glue stick. He was having a blast.

I love his chubby little arms in this picture
Connect the dots...la la la
I snapped this seconds before he lopped off his pinky

Over the weekend, we noticed Max has become very musical. He’s always liked music, but recently he’s been asking for me to play specific songs (apparently he likes Pearl Jam) and we find him singing to himself when he plays. It’s adorable.

The best things in life…

So on Sunday morning, it finally happened. I got an unsolicited “I love you daddy”. It’s not like I think Max doesn’t love me. I know he does.He is just a imp sometimes. Before bed, I always tell him I love him and give him a kiss, and Rachel says”what do you say to daddy”, and Max usually giggles and runs away. Most days it doesn’t bother me. There have been an occasion or two, where I had a rough day and it upset me a little. But generally I kind of think it’s funny.

So on Sunday, Max woke up early, even earlier than usual because he had a stomach ache. I carried him downstairs and got his “cushy tushy” seat ready. After he was done, and presumable his belly felt better, we were sitting watching TV and he gave me a peck on the top of the head and said “I love you daddy”. I almost fell off the couch. Totally out of left field.

Then later in the day, after a long day of playing at the playground, and collecting acorns and mushrooms in the woods, we headed to Target. Max voluntarily asked to sit in the cart, so I know he was tired. At one point I picked him up, and he leaned over and gave me another peck on the top of the head. He didn’t say I love you this time, but he didn’t have to. What was so great was that it’s the same little peck I give to him when he does something cute, or does something to make me proud. It made me feel very proud and quite awesome inside. The best things in life, truly are free.

Hat Parade

Today, Max participated in the “Hat Parade” at school. It was a rainy morning, but luckily the rain stopped long enough for the kids to lineup and do a lap around the school grounds in their hats.

Max also informed us that he has a girlfriend named Remi. According to Nana, Remi refers to Max as her boyfriend as well. Below are a few pictures of Max in his hat. Remi and his buddy Jason are included in the pictures as well. Max talks about Jason a lot, so I guess they are pretty good friends. I hope to get to meet Jason on Friday during the field trip.

Jason is the boy wearing the shirt with the skull and crossbones. And Remi is the girl standing next to Max wearing the pink striped leggings.

Max "Rockin" the fedora
Max and his buddy Jason. Jason is in the skull and crossbones shirt
Max and his "girlfriend" Remi/Remy

Pretzel Man

We were in the car yesterday driving to Maryland to see my sister. Rachel had packed a few Ziplock bags with snacks. Max was snacking on some pretzels. Rachel got out the bag of Pepperidge Farms Goldfish and asked Max if he wanted some. Max looked at her and said “No goldfish for me, I’m a pretzel man”.

Big Wheels Keep On Turning

Now that the weather is cooler, Max has been riding his bike a lot again. Bike is a 12 inch, so we may need to get him a new 14 or 16 inch bike in the spring. Back tire is a little banged up, and he’s getting a little big for the 12 inch. He remains fearless on the bike, and loves to scare mommy and daddy by playing chicken with them or taking his hands and/or feet off the bike while he’s moving.