Complete Turnaround

Since I’ve become a father, my outlook on life has changed quite a bit. One of the biggest viewpoint changes for me has been about war. Before Max was born, I guess I never saw soldiers as sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. They were sort of like toy soldiers to me. Disposable. Pawns in a game.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like for parents to see their children drafted and sent overseas during WWII. How scary must it have been for these 18 year old kids to be thrown in the middle of hell. I supposed back then, kids grew a lot faster and were forced to be “men” at an earlier age. My Godson is about to turn 16, and I couldn’t imagine him being in a warzone in 2 years. He’s still so young and fragile.

Maybe it’s selfish of me, but there is now way I would ever want to see Max drafted or go off to war. If he grows up and chooses to serve in the armed forces, I think I could accept that. I would hope he would choose more of a surveillance or supporting role rather than being in the front lines of battle.

I used to think war was a necessary evil. Now I just view it for what it really is, evil.

Down at the playground

This past Sunday, Max and I took advantage of the warm weather and headed out to a cool new park we found. We ended up staying for almost four hours. It was a beautiful day, and Max was having so much fun, plus it gave Rachel time to run some errands and do things around the house. I guess I really tired him out, because Nana said that Max didn’t want to wake up to go to school on Monday. She ended up getting him up and he went to school, but dozed off during the car ride home. Weather is supposed to be cold this weekend, so not sure we will be able to do anything outside like we did last weekend.

A year ago, if we took Max to a playground, he was so shy, he would find a quiet spot and avoid where other kids were playing. Thankfully, now that he is in school 3 days a week and around other kids, he is much more outgoing. On Sunday he met a little boy on the playground named Alex. Alex was a little older than Max, probably close to 6, but he and Max got along really well. They chased each other around and had a good old time. It was nice while the two of them were playing because it gave me a bit of a breather. After Alex left, Max took a liking to these two little girls who were playing. At first he just kind of followed them around for a while. Then the little girls made their way over to the tire swing and Max jumped on the opportunity to be the one to push them in the swing. It was so nice seeing him interact with other kids on his own. He is definitely more social now. Snapped a quick video of Max pushing the girls on the swing. A few seconds before I recorded this, Max was dancing for the girls and making them laugh. I didn’t get my camera out in time to record that. DOH!