Presidents Day

Last week, Max learned about Presidents Day. They did an Abe Lincoln mask and make a George Washington doll with a paper towel tube, cotton balls and construction paper. Max was proud of what he had made, so I started asking him about George Washington. I asked him who George Washington was and he said that his teeth were made of wood. I asked Max why George Washington was famous, and he said because he was on money. So took out a dollar bill and asked him who that was. He answered correctly. Then I took out a $5 dollar bill and asked who’s that. Max looked at it for a minute and said “Oh, that’s Punxsutawney Phil”. Guess he combined President Day with Ground Hogs Day :-).

Memorable Quotes

Last night we driving in the car and there was a dead skunk on the side of the road which made the car stink like skunk. Max asked what the smell was, and we explained that skunks spray as a defense if they feel threatened. He then proclaimed “If you put Purell on a skunk, they won’t be stinky anymore”.

We were eating at Chick Fila and there was a group of guys sitting next to us who were kind of loud. When they got up and left Max said “Finally, now I can have a peaceful dinner!”

Favorite Stuffed Animals

Max has a few stuffed animals he likes to hug when he goes to sleep at night. He doesn’t have a particular favorite, and usually rotates them out night to night. Since this is something he will inevitably outgrow, I decided to take some pictures of him over the weekend with his favorite plush pals.

Bow wow wow yipee yo yippee yeah
Grinch and Max with Max
Not just a pillow, it's a pillow pal!
Snowflake the polar bear
#2 in the playbook, #1 in your hearts...Derek Jeeeeeeter!
As seen in E.T.
The Stegasoris effectionatley known as "Nicks and Butter". Don't ask...