It’s been a while

Wow, didn’t update at all in March…

Just a few random thoughts:

1) Max has been doing a lot better with his numbers and letters. We were nervous after our initial meeting with his teacher back in January, because he seemed like he was having trouble grasping some of the early concepts. But since we’ve been working with him one on one and reviewing the letters they are working on in class, he has done much better. We’ve also found some neat iPad apps to help him make things a little more fun. He can recognize all his upper case letters now, as well as numbers 0 through 9. He can count to 35, sometimes a little higher.

The one area he still stuggles with is writing his letters. He writes his name really well, and does the straight line letters like L, T, E and F really well. He has more trouble with the curvy letters like C, G and S, and the crooked line letters like V, W, and K. He can write them, but he’s not consistent. He’ll write a beautiful S, and then the next one looks terrible and is barely legible. Will have to continue working on that. Easier to do now that he knows each of his letters by name.

The teacher he has next year is more strict, so I think that will be good. The teacher he has this year is more laid back and loose. I think at this age he needs more structure and to work on focus to get him ready for Kindergarten. Help him with his focus and attention span.