Had a very proud papa moment on Sunday. It was the last t-ball practice for Max, so the coaches gave the kids the choice of hitting off the tee or having the ball pitched to then. Max chose to have the ball pitched to him. He smacked a line drive right back at his coach. It caused quite a reaction on the field and among the other parents. I love his little fist pump when he gets to first. He was so proud of himself.

Bye Bye Cicadas?

Last weekend, the sound of the cicadas here in Northern Virginia was almost deafening. When I was out running, they seemed to be flying around everywhere and there were dozens of dead cicadas littering the sidewalks, roads and grassy areas. ¬†At Max’s teeball game, the kids and coaches were shooing the cicadas away. Rachel had to shake one out of her hair. We got a package from Amazon that UPS left left on our front porch. Luckily I looked before I took inside, because there were three cicadas on the box. When I came out of Harris Teeter the other night, I put my groceries in the trunk and got back into my car. As I reached to start the car up, I heard the familiar buzzing sound that the cicadas make. When I looked dow to see where the sound was coming from, I discovered it was inside the front pocket of my shirt. Lucky for me, as I popped up and threw the car door open, I must have scared it, and it flew away.

Yesterday as tropical storm Andrea approached the area, it seemed to silence the cicadas. I still saw a few crawling and flying around, but nothing like it was as a week ago. Max has been fascinated by them, and considering the next time they are due back, he will be 22 years old; I figured I should snap a few pictures of Max and his insect friends before they went away. I don’t know if they will be back once the weather dries out and warms up a bit. I’ve had enough of them, so I will be fine if they go away till 2030. Here are some pics of Max and I and our beady, red eyed friends…ImageImageImage