Bike Riding

A few months back I wrote about how Max learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. I never followed up and documented how quickly that all progressed. Within a week of learning to ride a two wheeler, he started riding over speed bumps. A few short short weeks later, he was riding his bike over ramps.

A little shaky at first:

Picking up speed (about a week after first learning):


So a week from today, Max will be sitting in his classroom at his new school. And the thought of this scares the crap out of me. Maybe it’s simply because my baby is growing up, and I’m not quite ready to share him with the world. Or maybe it’s the threat of him being bullied and being teased by others in his class that scares me. Or maybe it’s what happened last December in Connecticut that scares me. Rachel and I have done everything we can to protect him from the cruel world out there, and now we have to hand him over to a new school and hope they continue to protect him and do what is in his best interest.

When it was time for me to go to kindergarden, I don’t remember my Mom or Dad being the least bit worried. Maybe it’s because I had two older sisters, and sending a 3rd child off to their first day of school was no big deal. Or maybe it’s because it was a simpler time.

I had these same fears when Max started pre-k, and thankfully he ended up with a great teacher and with great classmates, who had nice parents. I hope that a few weeks from now, Max will be excited to go to school, and he will make new friends and enjoy the whole experience. Up until now, he had only been doing half days of school. Kindergarden lasts from 9 AM to 3:30. 6 1/2 hours will seem like an eternity to him the first few days. But it seems like they do a lot of different things throughout the day, to keep them occupied and to keep them focussed, which is good.

I have friends who’s kids have been in daycare and doing full days of school since they were much younger than Max. So I know it can be done. I just worry about Max, because he’s never been away from a family member for more than a few hours at a time.

Friday we have orientation. Max will get to meet his teacher and classmates. I hope that experience is a positive one, and maybe he’ll even make a friend that first day, which will make going back for a full day of school next Tuesday that much easier. If he cries on Tuesday as we drop him off, I may lose it. I get a little crazy just thinking about it.

Max is a curious kid, so I expect him to love school. He loves learning about the world, and figuring out how things work. So learning things like telling time, how to read, and counting money are things that are right up his alley. Plus they’ll do art projects, sing songs and have recess and gym class which he will love. I know eventually we have to let go and let kids do things on their own. I just wish it didn’t have to be so soon. I feel like it was yesterday when I was loading this fragile, tiny little baby into an infant carrier and driving him home from the hospital. And now, here he is, 5 years old and on the verge of starting kindergarden. He’s such a sweet young boy, I don’t want that cruel world out there to change him. He really doesn’t have a mean bone in his body at this point. He’s kind, loving and sweet, and I want him to stay that way. I feared that he would be changed by the kids at pre school and that never really happened. So I hope and pray that he is safe, protected and happy in his new school and that sweet boy I know and love will remain that way.

Dude Perfect


A few weeks back, Max was really into making paper airplanes. We stumbled across this YouTube video of a few college buddies who had a contest to see who could throw their paper airplane the furthest. When the video ended, there were a bunch of related videos with the same guys. They go by the name “Dude Perfect”. They are a group of friends from Texas A&M University.

Their videos feature all sorts of “trick shots” using everything from basketballs and footballs, to Nerf guns, frisbees and skateboards. Max and I have sat and watched just about all of their videos. I also became a fan of them on Facebook, so I get updates of when they release new videos. The nice thing about their videos are they are kid friendly. The guys never curse and they aren’t crude. Plus unlike other shows like Jackass, they don’t do anything dangerous like light themselves on fire. 

Watching these videos has gotten Max to come up with some of his own “trick shots”. The other day I see him walk over and get out his green army men. The next thing I know, he’s setting up a bucket across the living room and throwing the army men, trying to get them to land in the bucket. And now when he plays basketball outside, it’s not just regular shots. He’s trying the bank shots off of trees, and trying to bounce the ball into the hoop. It’s pretty funny to watch.

Our favorite of the Dude Perfect guys is Tyler Toney. He makes the majority of the really impossible looking shots. And for a man with a few extra pounds, he’s amazing athletic and nimble. He does all sorts of flips, and seems to be a natural at just about every sport.

There is also a guy in a Panda suite who accompanies the “Dudes” wherever they go. Panda is awesome and it’s quite funny seeing a guy in a giant Panda suite riding a skateboard around a half pipe.


If you enjoy sports, and want to have a few good laughs, look these guys up on YouTube. You won’t be disappointed. You never know, it could awaken the inner dude in you :-).