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Catch Phrases

Max has a couple of “catch phrases” that he says on a regular basis. Wanted to document it here so I don’t forget. I hope to get either audio or video of Max saying them, but I’ll have to be sneaky. As soon as he sees my phone or a camera, he clams up.

Catch Phrases:

1) Now we’re cooking with gas…
Max uses this a lot when he’s playing a game. If he gets into a rhythm and things are going well he will say “Now we’re cooking with gas!”

2) Oh yeah, baby!
He says this when he gets excited about going someplace or doing something. Life if we are about to go to swim at Nana and Pappy house to go swimming.
Me: Max, you ready to go swimming?
Max: Oh yeah, baby!

3) Shaking my bum bum
Max says this when he hears a song he likes. He starts to dance by shaking his butt and that is usually followed by “shaking my bum bum”