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Piggy Bank Project

With last Friday being Earth Day, Max’s class learned about recycling. Maxs’ homework assignment was to make something out of a recycled product. So we painted a gallon bottle of Deer Park water pink, put a small slot on top, added some googly eyes, a button on the bottle cap for a nose, and used some toilet paper rolls to make ears and feet, and voila, we have ourselves a piggy bank!



Homemade PlayDough

Last week, Max was busy helping Nana bake pies for Thanksgiving. She mentioned that Max really liked playing with the dough. He has regular store bought “Playdoh”, but I thought it would be fun to make our own. Since Max likes mixing ingredients, and projects in general, it seemed like something right “up his alley”. So I did a quick search online, and most of the recipes were pretty much the same. Flour, water, oil and cream of tartar. So we went ahead and mixed up a batch. Took only about 5 minutes to finish, which was kind of disappointing. Max was getting into the stirring, and before we knew it, we were done. So I split the batch into two and got out some food coloring. We made one batch green, the other red.

One thing I noticed is that store bought Playdoh colors are much brighter. They seem to start with a base color of white, which makes the overall coloring lighter. The homemade stuff is more of a tan color, so the colors are darker and not as appealing to the eye. Max still loved it though. The 2nd thing I noticed is what a mess it makes. My hands were green all day. Especially around my cuticles and in the ridges of my fingers. Later on, I read a recommendation that the food coloring should be added to the water you add to the flour. Doh! Will have to try that next time. Also need to see if there is a different flour or something I can add to make the dough more white so the colors are more pleasant.

Smoosh it down!