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Presidents Day

Last week, Max learned about Presidents Day. They did an Abe Lincoln mask and make a George Washington doll with a paper towel tube, cotton balls and construction paper. Max was proud of what he had made, so I started asking him about George Washington. I asked him who George Washington was and he said that his teeth were made of wood. I asked Max why George Washington was famous, and he said because he was on money. So took out a dollar bill and asked him who that was. He answered correctly. Then I took out a $5 dollar bill and asked who’s that. Max looked at it for a minute and said “Oh, that’s Punxsutawney Phil”. Guess he combined President Day with Ground Hogs Day :-).

Memorable Quotes

Last night we driving in the car and there was a dead skunk on the side of the road which made the car stink like skunk. Max asked what the smell was, and we explained that skunks spray as a defense if they feel threatened. He then proclaimed “If you put Purell on a skunk, they won’t be stinky anymore”.

We were eating at Chick Fila and there was a group of guys sitting next to us who were kind of loud. When they got up and left Max said “Finally, now I can have a peaceful dinner!”

We have ourselves a mystery!

Max was playing on the floor with some cars and trucks, and he called me over and said he smelled something nasty. I smelled it too, so I started sniffing around. Nothing jumped out at me, so I figured it was gone. But then I got another whiff of it. We were out at the park earlier in the day, so I thought maybe Max had stepped into something or sat in something. So I started sniffing his shirt and pants. Again nothing. I sniffed the pillows on the couch, nothing. He continued playing and he announced that “We have a mystery”. He played for a few more minutes, then he said “Daddy, I solved the mystery, it’s my feet!”. Sure enough, I sniffed his socks and that was the source of the nasty smell. He wore new Sketchers sneakers and had them on all morning and afternoon. So I’m sure that contributed. So when Rachel gave him a shower last night, she used regular Irish Spring on his feet. That Johnson and Johnson wash just wasn’t cutting it on his feet anymore. Case of the stinky feet has been solved!

Pretzel Man

We were in the car yesterday driving to Maryland to see my sister. Rachel had packed a few Ziplock bags with snacks. Max was snacking on some pretzels. Rachel got out the bag of Pepperidge Farms Goldfish and asked Max if he wanted some. Max looked at her and said “No goldfish for me, I’m a pretzel man”.

Really hot legs?

The other night when Rachel and I went to bed, Rachel was freezing. I wasn’t tired and got up for a bit. When I came back to bed, Rachel had one leg out from under the covers, so I turned on the ceiling fan. The next morning when we were eating breakfast, Rachel asked why I turned on the fan. So I told her about how she was laying with one leg out from under the cover. Then I mentioned that when I checked on Max before I came to bed, I turned off the fan in his room because he had his blanket up over his head. Then of course, Max had to jump in the conversation and he said “Last night when I was sleeping, I had really hot legs”.